About To Tread Lightly [TTL]

TTL's moto: Carpe Diem! Seek out new adventure and challenge yourself everday.

To Tread Lightly [TTL] was born in Calgary, Alberta on the morning of June 5th 1985 to his parents Bob and Kim. Although if you ask him, he’ll tell you he is a tried and true ‘West Coaster’- Go Canucks Go! Both Bob and Kim, are two of the most extremely wonderful and caring individuals he has ever met,  they instilled in him a sense of passion for advocating and fighting for what is right; even if everyone else thinks you are nuts!

During the 1980s in Calgary, the local economy was extremely turbluent. It went through many boom and bust cycles, as such the young family relocated to Langley, British Columbia [1986] during one of these bust periods. Soon thereafter, there would be two new additions to the family unit- Sterling (1988) and Graecen in (1990).

Sterling aka PROSTSHOCKER is an internet phenomenon and a recent graduate of Emily Carr University in Digital Media Design. Graecen, similarly is just as driven as Sterling- she is hardnosed and continually wants  to succeed and better herself; she will be starting her second year of business studies at the University of Fraser Valley in September. She is also embarking on her first foray into adulthood by moving into her own apartment today [August 1st, 2010]. TTL wishes her the best of luck and will be there to help her, should she fall down and need a hand up. TTL remembers, how difficult it can be to strike out on your own, for the first time. TTL sure misses the free laundry and the treasure chest/refridgerator at his parent’s home.

Never mathematical by nature [although TTL did enjoy that old Russell Crowe movie a Beautiful Mind], he has excelled in the arts and humanities. His love for the written word was inspired and fostered by his Grade 12 English Literature Teacher; Ms. Watson showed TTL that the written word has transforming powers to create much good and bad as well.

Wanting to use the written word as a force for good, he decided to start this blog to inform people of what they can do, on a daily basis to make the world a better place, as he says’: “it is the sum of all our small actions, that will make the world a better place”.


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