Ecological Footprint PART 1

It has been easier to use my digital soapbox to tell you about how necessary it is, to adopt the Tao of environmentalism is, but in reality; it has been much more difficult for me, to heed my own advice, then I have led you to believe in many of my past posts.

Father and Son

Father and Son discussing the finer points of life [Summer 2012]

It was with this realization, that I became hesitant to blog; my nascent environmentalism was struck and incapacitated by a serious blow. This epiphany, happened shortly after I moved back home with my parents in September of 2011.  It was in the process of cajoling my parents into using the, ‘recycle’ bin [my parents term for composting] that my father, brought up a valid point that I couldn’t refute at the time.

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