Green Tip # 1: PVCs the hidden menace in your shower curtains

Could Norman Bates be lurking in your shower curtain?

Hello readers,

I know what your probably thinking; TTL packed it in and gave up on blogging, as the website has been dormant for almost a month now. Not so, I was just taking an extend break, as I am apt to do over the summertime.

Also, complicating matters was the really hectic move my partner and I made from Victoria; she went on the road Jack Kerouac style and I ‘boomeranged’ back home with my parents, as many millennials have been inclined to do in these uncertain economic times.

Coincidently, on the issue of the economy- which I am sure you haven’t heard enough about lately, as I was taking a bathroom break during the process of writing this post, I picked up Thursdays’ copy of the Vancouver Sun and read the front page on the John.

Columnist Pete McMartin has a great op-ed piece entitled Does a rising tide sink all boats? discussing the rising income inequality in Canada, which is a cause for concern because the gap between the rich and the poor in Canada is quickly coming to mirror that of our neighbours to the south in the United States. McMartin writes that the trickle down effect may not save us, as vast and seemingly insurmountable gaps between the rich and the poor ferment social strife, he writes:

“Concentrations of great wealth..are harbingers of economic regression. They [ he is referring to a report written by the Conference Board of Canada] point out, for example, that the share of wealth of the top one per cent of earners in the U.S. just before the Great Depression was identical to that of the top one per cent of earners in 2007, just prior to the market collapse.”

Food for thought eh? If you are more interested on this front he recommends reading a book by economists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett entitled The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better. Lets segue back into the matter at hand, shall we?

So I did not forget about the blog but to be honest with you, it did not register very high up on the ol’ to do list. While I was away, I still gave it some thought though. I have some pretty interesting stories that go live within the very near future, so stay tuned.

Anyway in the meantime, I want to start sharing with you a daily green tip- I think I have about forty of these archived, so make sure to save the blog in your browser bookmarks tab and hit that page refresh button frequently. First though, a big shout out is due to green gurus Ed Begley Jr. and Gillian Deacon for their inspiration, I gleaned a lot of these tips from their green-living books. So to kick things off for the fall, lets talk about the dangers of PVC.In a pdf fact-sheet entitled Our Health and PVC- What’s the Connection, environmental think-tank and advocacy organization the Centre for Health, Environment & Justice  discusses the tangible connection between the dramatic increases in asthma and developmental disorders and learning disabilities due to human exposure to toxins in PVC, such as dioxins and phthalates that are leached into our bodies upon contact. So what can and should you do?

action figurines such as this one can contain PVC

Avoid purchasing # 3 plastics, to determine if a consumer item contains # 3 plastics, it is usually identified on the packaging or on the item itself underneath a generic recycle symbol. But to be on the safe-side be especially weary when purchasing a new purse, shower curtain and or toys. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales representative if the item contains any PVC materials. They might not know of the dangers of PVCs. Also, when dealing with matters concerning your families health it is best to be overly-cautious.

Also never burn products that contain PVC’s to dispose of them, not that you would, I assume most people don’t have couch and shower curtain burning parties on the weekends. So you should be okay on this front.

Lastly my research shows that their is evidence abound to suggest that PVC exposure leads to increased risk of developing: liver cancer, respiratory problems and on the extreme-end circulatory failure. Additionally the phthalates present in PVC can amplify the  risk of becoming infertile. But don’t take my word for it do your own research and get back to me.


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