Live and Learn

So with good intentions come temporary setbacks; by mistake  a few weeks ago I had one too many drinks, following work and completely forgot about my vegetarian diet. It was until after I ate a slice of pepperoni pizza did I realize that I had botched my personal vegetarian challenge; and from here on in until the present my dietary habits took a turn for the worst with the reintroduction of meat and white “sugar” back into my diet.

I can and I will do better. I made a pact with a regular customer who comes into the cornerstone, that if he quits smoking then I will quit eating candy. So far “Duke” as he likes to be called, has held up his end of the bargain, so now it is my time to reciprocate. Can I go vegetarian? I don’t think so but what I can and will do is dramatically reduce my regular meat intake to one or two times per week and go from there.

The following are a list of tips that I received from Leo, the greenest bouncer at the Strathcona Hotel in downtown Victoria. Besides being the jolly green giant he is also a stalwart vegan and here is how he accomplishes this feat:


  • Protein– Eat lots of quinoa (aka the vegan meat) and soy, which are whole proteins. But I would add, be aware of the carbon footprint that your soy generates before you start buying it in bulk.
  • Pulse and grain- This is your rice and beans or something as simple as peanut butter and jam on toast.
  • Iron-Make sure to eat lots of chick peas or spinach with Vitamin C, like Lemon Juice

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