My Green Laundry Day Part #1

In an ideal world it would be nice to buy an Energy Star certified washer and dryer. The savings for the individual and the planet are sizeable, according to environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. in his book Living Like Ed. Ed states that you can save big by making the switch to energy star rated washing machines: ” [t]hey use just 18 to 25 gallons of water per load, compared with the 40 gallons used by non-Energy Star machine…”(29) With the conversion for the Canucks that are reading this blog, this equates to saving between 68 to 94 litres of water per load of laundry.  Compare this to the amount of water that an old washing machine uses, up to 151 litres of water per wash.  The choice is pretty clear to make the transition from energy black hole to energy star washers.

But for many, especially students and low income earners,  this is a great idea but not a financial possibility.  We can thank subprime mortgages and speculative loan lending practices for this. Is it me or is the recession still keeping people down? So in place of shelling out big bucks for a whole new laundry room, there are a lot of simple cost cutting measures you can do that are good for the wallet and also for the environment. Stayed tuned for my next post to find out what you can do.

Line Drying

Fresh outside smell without static cling and or single use dryer sheets. What a dream!


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